• " Final Frontier of Online Advertising "
  • " Final Frontier of Online Advertising "

For Publishers !

We've built a catalog of high quality, high rate ad campaigns - sifting through campaigns and selecting the absolute best. Regardless of the type of traffic you are serving, we have high converting campaigns for you. With our industry experience, we've created an performance marketing agency that makes life easy for publishers. With our simple, quick payments and personalized support - we've got you covered.

As the Mobile & Desktop ad-sphere is rising in terms of traffic, revenue, users and advertisers, and mobile ad space is becoming valuable more and more, we have focused on learning how to display the relevant ad to the right user at the right time, not with fancy 3-letter “magic” monetization “systems”, but with a precise combination of hands-on publisher ad-space management, in-house optimization tools and a large advertiser sales team which allows us to serve campaigns coming directly from actual advertisers so our publishers enjoy the highest amount of budgets and eCPM’s.

Basically becoming a MobSai publisher is like having a whole, fully operated ad sales team working for you

Whether you’re an ad network, agency or a DSP and you have high-quality mobile traffic, there’s a lot that can be done together.

MobSai is always looking for more partners to serve clients’ ads on their traffic to manage their marketing budget.

  • Enjoy our premium portfolio of top converting campaigns
  • Dedicated professional managers providing consultative service
  • Global campaign coverage and attractive payment options

Both for gaming and non-gaming apps, our comprehensive suite of monetization solutions help publishers strike the perfect balance between delivering a great user experience and driving the best monetization.